We can all stand a good laugh, can't we? Here are some sites on the web which I often turn to when looking for a fix.

Satire, the lowest form of humor

The Onion is usually good for a laugh, even if they are sometimes a bit smarmy.

SatireWire has impressed me lately with some of its topical takes.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks seem to have lots of fans among my IMSA crowd.

Cartoons, political and otherwise

You can see loads of cartoons from the New Yorker at

The New York Times has links to a lot of good editorial cartooning.

Bill Plympton is either seriously disturbed, seriously creative, or both.

And there's always Dilbert, though I think it's gone seriously downhill since the early 1990s. And to think I only got one autographed book from Scott Adams in Dublin, California back in 1993, because I wasn't sure if he was going to go anywhere.


News of the Weird offers a number of "he's so stupid" moments along with "ow!", "that's very sad", and "huh?!" moments as well.

Daily inspirations

As Zoolander taught us, there is a lot we can learn from supermodels. More to come shortly.