Pages of note

Soon to be replaced by my recommendations. Though most of my bookmarks were stranded on my work account, thanks to a brief flirtation with Backflip I have a bunch of bookmarks as of 10 December 1999, and can probably dig up some more recent ones too. (By the way, here is a handy listing of Backflip and many other web-based bookmark managers.)

  • The 5k - an interesting web design contest, though it seems to have turned into a Flash contest.
  • The Drudge Report - with links to pretty much every daily publication's and columnist's website on the planet. Not to be confused with The Drudge Retort which I'd never heard of before, but seems to have a liberal slant. They've got some good links though.
  • Political "Ideology Selector" - are you paleoconservative, radical, libertarian, Third Way, or something else?